Beginner's Tips

Yoga During Your Monthly Cycle

Many women suffer from pain, muscle cramps, bloating or general weakness in the body during their monthly cycle. For many others, it is another normal day. Hormonal imbalances during this time can cause emotional distress, anger, depression or anxiety. Even in these modern times, women are uncomfortable to talk about Read more…

Beginner's Tips

All about Cobra pose

Cobra is one of the basic back bending postures taught in yoga classes. It is a great chest opener and an excellent posture to correct slouching shoulders and strengthen the back. Like any back bends, it is invigorating and when done correctly, can prevent and heal  lower back pain. How Read more…

Beginner's Tips

Chakras in Yoga

    Yoga practice includes  strengthening of the physical body as well as the subtle body. The subtle body, otherwise known as the energy body, is the part where energy, or prana, flows.   Chakras are spinning wheels of energy within the subtle body that align in the spine, starting Read more…