Move with the breath and hold each asana longer in our Gentle vinyasa practice, building flexibility, strength and balance while calming the mind.

Vinyasa yoga has its origin from traditional Hatha Yoga, but is more dynamic in nature. Pace of the class will be slow compared to a normal vinyasa class. The classes are sequenced in a way to help build a combination of strength and flexibility. Ideal for beginners, it will help you refresh and rejuvenate.

Gentle Vinyasa Level 1 Class is suitable for:

  • Someone who is  new to Yoga and wants to explore different styles
  • Beginners who are keen to follow the  Vinyasa method of yoga
  • Someone who understands the basics of yoga, and is interested in increasing  strength, flexibility or stamina level
  • Students who want to learn  Vinyasa system without compromising on safe practice
  • Practitioners who want to bring about  a healthy lifestyle change


Complete beginners, please enquire about our 3 month beginner (Level 1) Yoga programs.






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