In Vinyasa, the movement between poses is with the breath with a short flow or sequence added at regular intervals between the asanas.  The breath coordinated movement helps the students get into a meditative state. The vinyasa classes can be gentle or highly energetic with strong emphasis on alignment. The sequencing will be creative, at the same time ensuring the balance between strength and flexibility.

Morning Vinyasa Classes are suited to:

  • “Level 1 advanced” , and intermediate to advanced students.
  • Students with reasonable level of fitness, and a good awareness of the body
  • Students who enjoy dynamic or flow yoga with a bit of challenge.
  • Practitioners who are interested in learning the Vinyasa system.
  • Those who are looking for guidance to ‘better their’ Chaturanga Dandasan by engaging the right muscle group.
  • There is a lot of imporatance given to full body muscle engagement in most of the asanas in Vinyasa;  anyone looking for a full body workout can join the classes.

As always, we encourage you to understand and respect your body limits. Take each session as your personal yoga journey and strive to be present and enjoy this journey.

Complete beginners, please enquire about our 3 month beginner (Level 1) Yoga programs.

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