Come and be surprised with the different themed classes!  Explore unchartered territories!  Bring your  mat and an open mind. Open to families and individuals alike, these free yoga sessions held at Al Barsha Pond Park is an ideal way to begin your weekend.

Our basic nature defines our preference towards fitness, activities  and yoga.

Active people veer towards the more intense Vinyasa, Ashtanga or power yoga.  Calmer people are attracted to Hatha, breathing or Yin yoga.It is important to balance the Ida and Pingala, the yin and the yang or the sun and the moon in our bodies. ‘Yoga Explore’ helps you break away from your comfort zone, and delve into something new and unique.


 We delve deep into each asana as we explore different styles of yoga and new meditation techniques. The postures are modified to accommodate beginners with reasonable level of fitness and make it challenging for the intermediate and advanced yogi. These sessions are alignment based and usage of props are highly recommended.


We focus on alignment to ensure safety in practice. It is important to note that every human body is built different, hence there is ‘no one alignment fits all’. We understand and respect this in all our classes and in our free yoga sessions. Competition is highly discouraged, and emphasis is given on improving self awareness and respect our limits in every asana.

Free weekend yoga classes are walk in and no advanced booking required.

Complete beginners, please enquire about our 3 month beginner (Level 1) Yoga programs.


If you would like to know more about these sessions, please get in touch with us using the form below.




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