Our Mission

 “ To follow the eight limbs of Yoga to empower, inspire and  bring healthy life style changes to individuals which can be positively reflected in their homes, workplace and the community as a whole.”  

About Us

Flamingo Yoga & Lifestyle is a branch of Flamingo Middle East and compliments the services of  the Flamingo HR and Recruitment Consultancy. Founded by Hema Laxman,  it aims to help individuals achieve their full potential, both at home and at workplace through yoga and lifestyle changes.

At Flamingo, we aim to incorporate mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises and asana practice to improve awareness of the self, and bring a physical balance between flexibility and strength. Through breathing and meditation techniques, we  instil a positive mindset,  while calming and releasing  stress, which is highly necessary in our present life style .

Our corporate wellness programs


Modern lifestyle  has wreaked havoc on the health and wellbeing of people, both physically and psychologically. Constant sitting and inactivity,  processed food,  stress, immense pressure to achieve and succeed are the norm in today’s world.  Obesity, blood pressure, anxiety and other psychological disorders are increasing at an alarming rate.  In addition, the dependance on technology brings a new set of  postural problems, exposure to radiation, headaches, fatigue and eyestrain.


Our Corporate Wellness programs are designed to help alleviate the stress and allow the participants to and  relax and rejuvenate.


What is on offer for yoga enthusiasts and beginners?

Introduction to Vinyasa - 3 months Program

Catering to students who are interested in learning the vinyasa yoga. We learn about ujjayi breath step by step, connect it with movement. The vinyasa is broken down and taught in a safe manner to prevent injuries

Introduction to Yoga - 3 months Program

Catering to complete beginners and those wishing to join after an injury, the aim is to learn how to connect with the body and mind, introduce and improve breath awareness in addition to the building strength and flexibility. Pranayama practices will also be introduced during these months.

Introduction to Pranayama & meditation

Get introduced to different types of pranayama and meditation practices. These sessions are approached as themed yoga practices and each session will also offer unique teachings from the yogic philosophies that can be contemplated on and applied to everyday life. Classes are every monday and Wednesday. ​

Free yoga sessions every weekend at Al Barsha Pond Park.

Free classes are held every friday and saturday mornings. With a good blend of classical sequencing along with intense vinyasa, these classes are a fun filled way to begin the weekend. They are alignment focused and you will learn yoga in a safe and friendly way. Open to all with a reasonable amount of fitness.

Weekday classes at Al Barsha

As part of our group classes, we offer sessions in Power, Hatha, Vinyasa, restorative and alignment based yoga. The focus is to build awareness of your body, work on correcting existing imbalances and help you build your own unique practice. Every class is done in smaller groups of 8-10 so as to give individual attention to students. Check out our class schedule for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Yoga workshops

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice and/or teaching expertise? We provide monthly workshops on alignments, body balancing, pranayama and many more.   Enquire about our ongoing workshops, for both teachers and practitioners.  

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