"Our multi-pronged approach to search and selection enables us to obtain efficient results consistently."

 Methodology - Executive Search

  • Understand requirements: We conduct a detailed consultation to understand the timeline, technical and soft skills required for the role. We gather the “what, when, how and why” associated with the vacancy and geographical area from where the candidate can be considered.
  • Identify target companies: Flamingo will proceed with regional and industry specific documentation of target organizations thereby commencing the search process.
  • Name Generation, Market Analysis & Long list: A detailed and in-depth procedure, it includes identifying profiles through active networking, head hunting / cold call and research. This is a continuous process covering all target companies identified. We use our research capabilities to approach potential candidates in these organisations and understand the market to arrive at the initial long list. Strict client confidentiality is maintained through out the process.
  • Feedbacks: Detailed and comprehensive reports - weekly or biweekly - are shared with the client highlighting the progress with the long list, brief summary of candidates considered and the general trend in the market. 
  • Flamingo Interview and shortlists: Name generation is followed by initial contact to ascertain interest of each potential. In-depth conversations are conducted with star performers to convert them into candidates.
  • Further discussions and screening is used to bring down the long list to 7-10 and we organize detailed interviews with them to assess suitability and arrive on shortlist of 3-4. All shortlisted candidates are fully briefed about the client organization and the role.
  • Client Interviews: We encourage our clients to meet and interview all the shortlisted candidates to get a good comparison and range before the final selection.
  • Client shortlist & reference checks: Once the client selects a candidate from the list, we support with reference checks.
  • Negotiation & Acceptance: We also assist in salary negotiations once the offer letter is provided
  • Candidate joining, follow up: We follow up with both parties to ensure the onboarding is smooth. For candidates relocating into the region, we provide assistance and insight into general settling process and can provide information on schooling and housing if required.

Contingent Search

  • Identify Needs: Client consultation to grasp skill sets required for the role. We prefer to do this with the Line Managers to understand the technical and cultural fit.
  • Advertise & Network:  Here the candidate selection is focused on active candidates who are mainly identified and targeted using advertisements, business networking and referrals.
  • Database Search: We also have a vast database of locally available candidates.
  • Shortlist of candidates: A final shortlist of 3-4 candidates is created after a thorough interview with the available candidates, taking care to select profiles closely matching the company’s requirements.
  • Client Interview, Reference Checks: This is followed by the client interviews, short list and reference checks done for the selected candidate.
  • Placement & Follow up: Once again, we assist with salary negotiations for senior assignments and follow up after the candidates join to ensure smooth onboarding.

Customised Search Solutions

  • This process takes shape according to the needs of the organization. They are tailor made to suit specific requirements within the company. It could be a combination of both contingent and retained searches or have multiple searches combined together into one project. 
  • After gaining insight into the needs within the organization, we are able to advice you on the best possible and cost effective techniques to handle the recruitment process.