Flamingo Yoga, Wellness & Lifestyle is owned by Hema Laxman, internationally certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance USA (RYT 500).  Hema is fully registered with RepsUAE, the public register initiated and established by the Dubai Sports Council  which recognises the qualifications and expertise of exercise instructors in the UAE.

About Flamingo Yoga & Wellness

Flamingo Middle East was founded in 2014 as an HR and Recruitment consultancy. High  stress levels associated with work, high prevalence of life style diseases and lack of exercise in the region prompted Hema to begin Yoga and Lifestyle division of Flamingo to build awareness and introduce yoga and healthy living.

Flamingo provides group classes every day outdoors focused on building strength and flexibility, at the same time gaining progress in breath and inner awareness.

In addition, Flamingo  provides Corporate Yoga services  to the HR and business clients. These programs are customised and cater to the company’s needs and budget.

 “Having worked in HR for more than 11 years, I interact  very closely with people, understand their stress levels and the need to unwind and calm the mind. I am a strong believer that yoga is a “one-stop shop” for the health and well being of people.” says Hema.

Meet the Teachers

Hema Laxman, RYT 500

Hema provides lessons in Power Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative yoga and alignment based Yoga; focusing on deepening student’s practice. These lessons are conducted in various venues in Al Barsha, Dubai. She enjoys teaching small groups, giving individual attention and  strong emphasis on alignment. 

Every lesson incorporates the right balance between strength and flexibility and props are used for prevention of injuries. Pranayama and meditation are an integral part of her routine. Her asana classes are energising, motivating; at the same time, meditative, encouraging inner awareness through focus and mindful breathing. She has the ability to motivate people and guide them through yoga to “connect with their inner warrior”.

Hema is passionate about music and dance and loves to incorporate it in her yogic journey. “The connection between music and chakras is fascinating. When your eyes are closed, you can feel the rhythm pulsating in your energy centers and you are completely absorbed in it. Everything else ceases to exist at that point. Similarly, dance allows you to let go of your ego and self and immerse in the movement and this is a form of meditation.”

Hema's background & qualifications

Hema completed her 200 hour certification with Yoga Guru Mahi  at Mahi Yoga in Dharmsala, India. The 300 hour course was completed at Association For Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India. In addition, Hema has a Masters Degree in Sericulture Technology, a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition and  has completed a three month course in Ayurvedic studies through e-learning.

Prior to setting up Flamingo Yoga and Wellness, Hema taught voluntary lessons to beginners and intermediate students with a non-profit group she was part of.  She continues her free community yoga sessions during the weekends as a way of giving back to the society.

“Teaching deepened my interest in yoga and it was the beginning of a new journey. With an educational background in the Biological Sciences, I have a naturally inquisitive and scientific mind. This helped me to do persistent research and self study, which in turn has helped tremendously to reap the anatomical and physiological benefits of yoga, both in teaching as well as personal practice.”


Hema also holds alignment and anatomical workshops catering to other yoga teachers as well as practitioners to help them go deeper into the practice


Ajit Laxman, RYT 200

Ajit began practicing yoga in 2014.  What started as a way to keep fit turned into passion for both the physical aspect as well as spirituality, leading to completing his certification with Yoga vidya Mandiram, Rishikesh, India. He is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA.

Ajit enjoys teaching and practising Hatha, Vinyasa, and Power styles of yoga.  He is very much focused on safe practice while teaching, ensuring that the students understand alignment and the importance of breath.   A solid foundation in surya namaskar forms the basis of his class for all students, before progressing to individual asanas. Starting with learning the foundation in Tadasana, to completely relaxing in Shavasana, his classes are engaging and fun. He will also guide the class on good pranayama practice followed by guided meditation.  

Outside of Yoga, Ajit has a background in finance and works for an American based corporate in the oil and gas industry as a Finance Director.

Ajit will be the Lead Yoga instructor for our unique Value for Value sessions every weekend  evenings, from 6 pm to 7 pm at the Al Barsha pond Park.


Galyna Zhuravel, RYT 200

I fell in love with Yoga, from the very first class I took around 4 years ago. Without knowing, my whole life changed, for the better. For me yoga is not a hobby, and it is definitely not a workout – it’s a lifestyle. This passion towards yoga drew me towards my teacher training course in Dharamshala, at the foothills of Himalayas in India in June 2018.

I love to teach and practice different styles of yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Power yoga. Besides doing asanas, I practice meditation on daily basis, study yoga philosophy and Ayurveda.

My teaching is influenced by all the styles that I practice you will find a beautiful  blend of various styles in my classes . You can expect full attention to alignment and breathing in my classes. You are welcome to my gentle evening classes, which will help you relax after a long day of work and release tension from your body as well as  your mind. Each session will follow  different sequences based on a theme and will be accompanied by lovely music. The sessions will end with pranayama, a short meditation and with emphasis on the final shavasana. These classes will be best suited to beginner and intermediate practitioners but everybody is welcome.

The  classes are part of Value for Value sessions offered by Flamingo Yoga & Wellness. The proceeds of the payment will be put aside to support the welfare of the weaving community who make the Yoga mats and blankets for us.

Galina  will be the teaching  every on Mondays and Wednesdays evenings, from  7:30 – 8:30  pm at the Al Barsha pond Park


Story of our new logo and its connection with Yoga

24th of February 2019 saw the announcement of Flamingo Middle East’s  brand new logo.

‘Flamingo’ was initially chosen as the name to highlight the transient nature of people in Dubai, just like the migratory Flamingos of the mangroves here.

The new logo, with the spread wings continues to emphasise this transient nature of the people, and life, in general. The shades of pink exude hope and inspiration, a must for the recruitment industry.

 From a yoga and lifestyle perspective, the open wings represent freedom, expansion, positive energy and contentment gained through yoga and healthy lifestyle changes.

The bird itself remains an embodiment of balance and strength. The firm strokes of the logo are an affirmation of that strength, while the curves of the strokes represent grace and elegance. This truly represents the balancing nature of yoga – the balance of the sun and moon energy within us. The different shades of pink also represent compassion, spirituality, passion and commitment towards the goal.

 Throughout this freedom, expansion and vibrancy represented through the colours, it remains grounded with the gaze down, peacefully, in inner reflection.

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