Private Yoga lessons are one to one or couple sessions catering to specific  individual needs. It is a beautiful way to bring yoga to your home and practice at your own pace and needs. We also get to experiment with various styles of asana practice which is right for your level

 During these classes, we guide you towards understanding and correcting postural and muscle imbalances developed over time. Each posture will be modified to make it accessible for the student ensuring right alignment in every asana. 

Doing yoga is extremely beneficial, but in a large group, without personalised attention, it can be harmful aggravating the imbalances in your body leading to injury. Personalised yoga is a great way to learn the right technique ensuring safety in your practice.

 You need a personal yoga instructor:

  • If you have specific goals related to health or fitness

    Like weight loss, improve fitness, resolve life style diseases like anxiety, high blood pressure, back pain, insomnia, diabetes, hormonal imbalances among others; which you would like to correct through wellness practices and lifestyle changes.

  • You are a sports person or athlete looking to improve your game

    Every yoga posture when practiced the right way, ensures balance in the body in terms of flexibility and strength.  It retunes the body to its  optimum alignment, increasing endurance . The meditation and breathing techniques increase lung capacity and clarity of the mind, deepening  focus and inner body awareness, greatly improving your overall performance in any sports.

  • If you are a complete beginner to yoga

    It can be intimidating to join yoga in a group setting if you have never tried it before. Personalised yoga classes  are  a great way to learn the right methodology and gain understanding of the yoga practice prior to joining  a group setting.

In our private yoga classes,  regulating  life style diseases through asana practice, pranayama and meditation techniques is always a priority. We help the student to develop inner awareness. 

These lessons are multi style and customised as per the needs of the students. 

If you are interested to know more about our private classes:

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