Barsha community speaks on the Benefits of Yoga

As a practitioner and instructor of Yoga, I am keen to introduce  its benefits to maximum number of people and corporates. This was the reason behind starting Flamingo Yoga & Wellness in Dubai

 Over the last four years, we have successfully built a community of dedicated yoga practitioners in Al Barsha, Dubai. Coming from a wide variety of background, nationality and age group, these committed individuals have embraced yoga as part of their lifestyle.

So how has yoga has benefited them?

“I have been practicing Yoga for more than a year now and it has helped to improve my health. Specifically, it helped dissolve the pain caused by a hernia in my lower back. After practicing yoga constantly for few months, the pain completely disappeared without the use of any drug or therapy. I have been practicing yoga because it makes me feel good, it is easier to concentrate and be more aware and present in everyday life. And of course, it improves my health.”

Aleli, Mexican

 “For the last 9 years, every year I would quit smoking for 3 months, but could never quit completely. Ever since Yoga, it has been more than 18 months without smoking 🙏

Khalid, Emirati

“Yoga helped me to be more mindful and improved balance, flexibility and strength. It  has increased my energy levels. To be honest, I can say I am fully recovered from my hyperthyroidism with the help of asanas. I continue practicing yoga for my own improvement and peace of mind. And for weight loss too”🙏🏻😍

Eleonor, Philippines  

“Yoga is the way to recharge me after long day at work – a way for massaging my body after  standing throughout the day”

Ahlam, Saudi Arabian  

“After starting yoga practices I feel that my body has become more flexible & the increase in energy that I get is really amazing. It is helping me to breathe better & improve the mindfulness. Being a working woman, yoga is helping me to balance my work & home in an effective way while reducing the stress.”

 Dhanya, Indian 

“Since I joined yoga classes,  I am feeling connected and blessed mentally and emotionally. To me yoga is psychology, it works with mind and emotion, and how our thoughts and emotions affect our body and behavior. Breathing in yoga and meditation has  helped release stress and anxiety.  Also, physically since I started yoga classes, I experience less pain in my upper and lower back. I am enjoying every single moment during the sessions that are full of positive energy and vibes. “ 

 Dr. Nadia, Emirati

Since I discovered yoga and meditation, my life took a different turn, for good. These two practices are one and the same. One complements the other and one can’t go without the other ( meaning asana practice and meditation). In fact, I start my mornings with a 20-minute mindfulness meditation, followed by the Five Tibetans yoga routine. I also do my very best to join my favorite yoga group at the Al Barsha pond park every weekend.

The list of benefits of yoga is so extensive that I can spend hours dissecting on them. From physical benefits, to mental and spiritual, it is still a subject of research today, a hot one. But, I would myself put the physical flexibility, body awareness and connection with self, up there.One gets maximum benefit from a yoga practice when integrated with everyday life and when grasping the spiritual dimension of it. A vast subject!”

Brahim, Morocco

With my history of lower back issues, yoga played a great role in restoring my condition. I have learned the value of breath in getting deeper into the postures.

 Maite, Philippines

“The world is so busy, that we tend “to work to live”, making us more of a machine than human. And, honestly there are tendencies to be lost in the middle, trying to embrace more than what can be embraced. But since I started yoga, I found a way back to myself, slowed down a bit, aligned my thoughts, stretched my frozen body and most of all I learnt to appreciate simple yet important blessings around (like the warmth of the sunshine, the freshness of air and the smiles of people around me… )

Overall, the benefits of yoga to me is more than gaining outer physical strength but more importantly it helped me find my inner emotional balance.☺.”

Janice, Philippines

“Initially I was sceptical about attending yoga, I had attended a yoga session in the past and found it too slow and didn’t feel much benefit or desire to attend again. But that has all changed since attending yoga with Hema. 

I have seen many health benefits. After having 3 kids (2 C-sections) my core stability, abdominals and posture had suffered. Yoga has helped me regain postural awareness, gain flexibility and strength throughout. 

In a busy built up city like Dubai, morning yoga sessions in the fresh air and greenery of the park alongside the mindfulness from yoga help me appreciate the blessings God has bestowed on us all.”

 Sabeeha, UK 

“Being a long-distance runner, I train and run a lot. I once had a shin splint injury because of it. It used to hurt so bad that I had to be cautious not to exert too much pressure whenever I ran. My physio advised me to do a proper stretching before and after every run that I will do to avoid having that injury again. 

One day, my boss introduced me to Hema, and when she invited me to join her yoga session, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!

Yoga has helped me improve my flexibility, increased my strength and made me able to run injury-free. Moreover, through yoga, I have learned the proper breathing techniques, which increased my stamina, allowing me to run the longer distance, breathing calmly and relaxed.”

Rosalie, Philippines

“A year ago I was suffering with Rhinitis Allergy and nasal inflammation due to allergens that caused my immune system to react. I had  excessive sneezing, continuous runny nose and watery eyes.

Then I  joined yoga and practiced breathing and meditation. With every practice I noticed that the infection gradually disappeared and soon it was all gone. I am now able to breathe calmly and have lighter feeling in my chest. 

Thank you Hema and Ajit for accepting me in the group. Continue to spread the benefits of Yoga and may God bless you and your family abundantly. 

As for me, I promise to carry on and develop my Yoga practice until I am old and grey.  We only have one body, we should love and take care of it! “ 

Carie, Philippines

As you can see, the benefits of yoga are many. The beauty is that it can be practiced by everyone from youngsters to seniors and can be adapted to individual needs. You are never too young or too old to practice yoga. 

So why not enroll in a yoga session close to you? 

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