Why Corporate Yoga?

Obesity and other lifestyle diseases are on the rise at an alarming rate in Dubai and around the world. Since the company culture and environment have a tremendous influence on the employees, Yoga as a wellness program at the workplace can  help  employees adopt a healthier lifestyle, improving self esteem, morale and general well being.

Workplace stress

Due to this reason, more and more businesses are opting for Yoga as part of their wellness programs in the region. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, yoga helps to align the body with the mind. Corporate yoga programs ensure general wellness of the employees, improving productivity and employee engagement in the workplace.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 5000 year old Science, being adopted now by millions of people around the world for its innumerable health and mental benefits. The word ‘Yoga’  means ‘to join’ and is the union of the body, mind and the soul. Practice of just the asanas can have a tremendous positive effect on the physical and mental aspects of the human body.


What differentiates yoga from other physical activities is the importance given to the mindful action and connecting each movement with the breath. In this process, we learn to be present in the moment, and enhance our ability to cope with the pressures of everyday life. Yoga brings about both outer and  inner healing and well being.


  • Emotional balance 
  • Lowers Stress levels 
  • Focus and concentration
  • Motivation at the work place
  • Difficulties from physical ailments
  • Back, shoulder and neck pain 
  • Postural imbalances
  • Balance of  the body & mind


  • Mental clarity and  alertness
  • Better health & general well being
  • Positivity & mindfulness
  • Flexibility and strength
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Improved body awareness
  • Work productivity and employee morale
  • Employee Retention

Our Corporate Yoga sessions can be held as:

We provide Corporate yoga as part of the wellness or team building exercise for corporates, SME’s and organisations in Dubai. These sessions are customised to each organisation,  improving the general wellbeing of employees in the work place, resulting in an engaged and more positive workforce.


Incorporating plenty of stretches to energize and rejuvenate and bring balance to the body and mind.

Chair yoga

Can be done in the comfort of your meeting room and offered as a combination of movement, breathing and meditation. 

customised yoga sessions

A combination of the different techniques and practices customised to the needs of your employees.

Pranayama & meditation

Gentle movements to ease tension from the body combined with yogic breathing techniques and meditation for relaxation and stress relief.

active or Gentle vinyasa

For those who love a movement based yoga session, this will be ideal. We can modify the Vinyasa to be gentle or active based on your requirement.

restorative yoga

Making use of soft music and props, gentle and  restorative postures are held for longer  to allow for the complete relaxation.