If you are new to yoga or coming back to the practice after a long gap or injury, then these classes are perfect for you. The  focus is to:

  • Improve joint mobility, release stiffness and muscle tightness
  • Remove energy blockages and improve flexibility 
  • Build and increase breath awareness and the ability to move with the breath
  •  Build and improve balance and strength in a safe way.
  • Increase stamina and wellness 

We will work with basic Hatha postures with focus on proper technique and alignment and with the use of yoga props.

This class and is suitable for:

  • A beginner looking to ease into yoga practice
  • Students dealing with postural or muscle imbalances
  • Practitioners  wishing to incorporate Yoga  to fight  lifestyle diseases
  •  A self taught Yogi looking for  guidance and improving their asana practice




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