April 12, 2021 @ 8:45 am – 9:45 am
Nilaya House
WareHouse 4
9th Street
Al Qouz Industrial Area
Hema Laxman
052 961 0978
Hatha Yoga @ Nilaya House

Hema Laxman is now teaching face to face classes at Nilaya House every Monday and Thursday mornings. 

Hatha is the traditional form of yoga from where all other styles originated. ‘Ha’  refers to the sun and ‘tha’  to the moon. It aims to balance  the sun and the moon energies within – to bring balance between the opposites. Each posture is held for longer period while trying to incorporate, awareness, stability and balance within. 

This class is modified to suit beginners.  Modifications are given to enable each student to attain his/her best potential. Props are used and alignment is given importance in all  classes. Attention is given to engage the right muscle groups  to ensure long term benefits and injury prevention. 

 Pre booking required for this class through Nilaya House website. The below button will direct you to their website.

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