October 18, 2020 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
AED 40
Hema Laxman
Ladies Only Online Yoga Sessions @ ONLINE LIVE STREAM

This program is for Ladies only and caters to  beginners  and individuals looking to deepen their yoga practice. We will follow a structured program focusing on building strength, flexibility and stamina in an organized way. We incorporate breath awareness and alignment and use props to build mind muscle memory through safe asana practice.

We will focus on the difference between muscle engagement and muscle tension and learn to activate the right muscle group for each asana in order to have a balanced yoga practice. Breath awareness will be key throughout the program and we will introduce pranayama techniques to help ease stress and anxiety.

    This class and is suitable for:

    • A beginner looking to ease into yoga practice: It is very important for beginners to gain understanding of the basics of asana practice to ensure safety.
    • Someone with pre-existing injuries: This could be lower back pain, knee injury, Shoulder impingement, flat feet related problems etc. These injuries can aggravate in a larger group lesson, but as our classes are in small groups, you get personal attention and corrections from the instructor.  It  will enable you to  begin or find your way back to yoga practice.
    • Students dealing with postural or muscle imbalances: Excessive sitting, working on computers, mobile phone use etc. have created a new set of postural issues. Yoga can  help correct these problems when practiced consistently and with focus.
    • Someone who wishes to incorporate Yoga  to fight  lifestyle diseases: Lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, gout are common due to present day lifestyle and yoga can provide benefit by bringing about physical as well as internal changes.
    •  A self taught Yogi looking for  guidance and improving their asana practice: Many people are self taught yogis, following books and online videos and attending classes here and there. It is always good to gain assistance from a qualified instructor who can guide you through your practice. Slight alterations in the way you do your asanas can make a huge change in progress.