Pranayama and meditation techniques cleanse the energy channels, calming the mind. It  reduces anxiety and stress, regulating blood pressure.

Prior to beginning of the pranayama and meditation, a few yoga asanas are done to prepare and warm the body.

Pranayama is ideal to change your energy positively, taking away negative emotions like anger, depression and jealousy. It helps cope with the rigours of daily life by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby relaxing us; taking us away from the “fight or flight mode”. The benefits of meditation is enormous;  science is now backing the positive changes that meditation can bring to the human brain.

There will be longer periods of sitting, so please bring a chair or cushion if you need. It is important to be comfortable during these postures so as to enjoy the benefits completely.

In our pranayama and meditation classes, we offer different types of guided and visualisation meditations, deep relaxation techniques for body and mind, silent meditation, meditation with music.



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