Cotton Yoga Mat, Thick

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New seasons mats are in! Each thick cotton mat is a blend of 4 different colors and handwoven in manual looms in India. Perfect for your yoga practice.  Don’t forget to check out our Mat carry straps which are sold separately


 The very nature of yoga brings us closer to nature and the best way to practice asana is on mats made with natural materials. No PVC, or artificial irritants.

Our Cotton yoga mats are 100%  natural and artisans in rural India hand weave the mats to bring you this masterpiece.  Each thick mat takes one full day to complete.

Many of you have requested for mats without rubber backing , so now you can find this in our store. No rubber backing means they can be easily be used at the beaches, wet grass or dusty surfaces without worrying about the rubber backing getting dirty. Use them as your beach yoga mat/ outdoor mat or for your gentle practices.

Completely natural and enviornmentally friendly, thick Cotton yoga mats are sturdy and come with a coating of natural rubber at the back. Cotton is hypoallergenic and breathable material..The rubber coating ensures grip to the ground/flooring during the practice. 

The Cotton yoga mats can be used both indoors or outdoors. The beauty of cotton is that they are super absorbent, and the more you sweat, the better grip you have. 


  • Size: 26″ x 76″
  • Thickness:  5-6 mm approximate
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Hand woven
  • Natural rubber coating at the back to ensure grip to the floor.
  • Made in India, no electricity used.
  • AZO free dyes, so no harmful chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Highly absorbent
  • Durable and long lasting

New Season’s Colours:

Lotus in Bloom

In this mat, shades of light and dark pink blend delightfully with dark green reminding us of an idyllic lotus pond with flowers in full bloom. The white yarns accentuate the beauty and vibrancy of each colour.

From the muddy waters rises the lotus in all its beauty towards sunlight, untainted by the impurities around. These flowers have deep significance and are symbolic of spirituality, purity and enlightenment. In yoga, the energy centre at the crown – Sahasrara Chakra is explained as a thousand petaled lotus.

Ocean Sunrise

Visualise the expanse of sky at sunrise with bursts of reds and orange amidst creamy white clouds. These colours are interspersed with mesmerising tinges of blue of the ocean which lies beneath- this is nature in all its splendour.

With the colours similar to an Oceanic sunrise, this mat is symbolic of new beginnings filled with fresh energy and vitality, opportunities and awakening. 

Cleaning Instructions:

  •  Machine wash or hand wash in gentle  cold cycle.
  • Air dry the mat, rubber side up in shade to prevent fading.
  • Only use mild detergent to preserve the colors.
  • Do not bleach.
  • In between washes, the mat can be spritzed with water and air dried. 
Storage and usage Instructions:
  • Roll the mat with the rubber coated side in.
  • Keep the mat in a cool place, away from sun light, to prevent fading. Exposing the mat to too much heat can cause the rubber coating to become sticky.
  • If you tend to sweat a lot, allow the mat to dry before putting it away.
  • Do not fold the mat as it can cause the sticky side to stick to itself.
  • If practicing on a wet surface ( in the beach, wet grass etc), we recommend that you spread a towel or an older mat underneath, to preserve the rubber coating of the mat.


       Your questions about the mat answered:

    •  With cotton yoga mats, the more you sweat, the more your hold becomes firm.
    •  If your slip in the beginning of your practice,  you can spray or sprinkle some water lightly on the mat where your hands and feet are which will ensure grip.
    • If  you  are slipping after a week of practice, there is a possibility that you are hanging out on your joints and not using your grip strength. I have seen this to be true for many practitioners who tend to use a sticky mat.
    • A sticky mat gives you more grip than needed, encouraging you to rely completely on the mat rather than your own strength. It will result in you hanging out on your joints. This is like using a  yoga block for balance, and then putting your entire weight on the block rather than using your strength to lift into the pose.)  Unlike the sticky mat, the cotton mat encourages you to rely on your body (and not the mat) and assist you to  balance strength and flexibility in the right manner.
    • Please write to us at to get tips on how to activate your muscles to prevent slipping.
    • Our cotton mat is made of 100% natural material.  You are truly grounded and connected to earth without  any artificial barrier in between. 
    • Both the product and the packaging are free of plastic, phthalates, PVC and other harmful chemicals and hence better for   the environment. 
    • Easier on the skin – no allergies here from synthetics, and they do not have odor or any synthetic smell.
    • Easy to wash – they can be  washed in the washing machine in a gentle cycle and air dried.
    • They are beautiful, each one intricately handwoven in traditional looms and unique.
    • We keep aside an amount of AED 5 from every product sale for the welfare of the weaving community. So in addition to the environmental cause, you are also contributing towards the weaving community through every product you purchase. 

    The cotton mats are coated with natural rubber to prevent it sliding on the floor. You can rest assured that the mat will stay very firmly on the ground.

    Our mats are made of natural cotton yarns. They are colored with Azo free dyes and are individually handwoven by artisans in India using manual looms.

    No it is not essential. Using another mat under will defeat the purpose of connection with the ground without an artificial barrier. 

    But if you are practicing outdoors or on dirty surfaces, do feel free to use a protective layer of natural material or an old mat underneath.

    Our thick mats weighs around 2.5 kg and can easily be carried with you to the studio. You can also purchase a carry strap for the mat from our store.

    Yes, the thick mat can be used outdoors and indoors. When using outdoors, do layer it with a protective material/mat underneath to keep it clean.

    Only keep the cotton mat rolled with the rubber coating on the inside to ensure the mat does not stick and gather dust on the sticky side.

    • You can store the mat in a cool place within the house away from  direct sunlight, to prevent fading. 
    • Do not  leave your mat in the car as the heat softens the rubber backing, making the mat stick to itself.

    Yes indeed. The natural and vibrant colors make them ideal to use around your home.

    • You can use them as decorative corner rugs. 
    • You can use these mats in your majlis or low seating areas.
    • They are hypoallergenic, so a great floor mat for your children to sit or play on.

    Additional information

    Dimensions 76 × 26 in

    Ardent, Celestial, Fresh Water Stream, Harmony, Lotus in Bloom, Ocean Sunrise

    Type of mat

    No rubber backing, With Rubber Backing

    9 reviews for Cotton Yoga Mat, Thick

    1. Eleonor Delavin (verified owner)

      This is one of the best yoga mat in the market as it is made with 100% cotton. It’s non toxic, washable and definitely odorless. It does not absorb odors, which is a big plus for anyone who sweats a lot during their practice and it’s good for your knee protection as well.

      I highly recommend this wonderful yoga mat to everyone for an enjoyable yoga practice and for a balanced healthy living.

      • hlaxman (verified owner)

        Eleonor, thank you so much for your wonderful words. I am so glad you are enjoying the mat. Much love, Hema

    2. Manjeet (verified owner)

      Great product for a yoga/workout session outdoors as well as indoors.

    3. Dr. Nadia (verified owner)

      Great mat especially that its made of a natural product, when i use it i feel am part of the nature, though am still learning not to loose my balance at times, but that’s also ok since am still learning.. thank you Hema for introducing it to us. I believe everyone practices yoga should have one just to feel the difference.

    4. Anjana

      Such a beautiful mat! I got the Celestial (blue) one, and its colours are lovely and bright. The sturdiness of the mat, and its rubberised bottom, give a great grip with the floor. Using a cotton mat was a bit of a learning curve, but it’s really helped correct my stance and weight distribution in different poses. I can especially feel the difference in Warrior 2 and wide legged forward folds.

      I love knowing that my mat is artisanal and unique! Plus it’s supporting a great cause.

      • Hema (verified owner)

        Dear Anjana, Thank you for supporting our cause. So glad you like it

    5. Usha Krishnan

      I got my new ‘Harmony’ which I can say is a very sturdy mat, what with its tight weaves and anti-slip coating. Having previously done yoga on synthetic mat and on plain floor, I could immediately feel the difference. No doing half hearted yoga on this! You have to be mindful of your asana with this one and I’m loving it! The colours are all vibrant too. Thank you Flamingo!

      • Hema (verified owner)

        Thank you Usha

    6. Amritha Krishnan (verified owner)

      I’m absolutely in love with my eco-friendly Flamingo mat. I turned to Flamingo since I wanted a mat that doesn’t wear down quickly or start peeling like standard rubber mats. I must say I’m impressed. The thickness and the support it offers to the joints, especially knees, is amazing, which makes it ideal for indoor workouts done on hard floors. The rubber coating underneath is great. I’ve used the mat on both stone and tile flooring, and it doesn’t slip at all. I love the vibrant colours (I got Ardent, and my family got Celestial and Harmony- they’re all equally gorgeous). The feel of the natural texture is amazing on the skin. It’s good with sweat transfer as well, especially for poses with palms or forearms on the ground. I’ve noticed that I’m more mindful of my postures when I practice on this mat. I highly recommend this mat to anyone who wants to elevate their practice to the next level.

      • Hema (verified owner)

        Thank you Amritha.

    7. Brahim

      I own two. The old one, I will be gifting it to my mum. I am sure she will love it. The mat is a piece of art. Natural and handwoven, it feels real in the hands. And it is definitely so versatile that you can use it in many many ways. For Yoga practice, it is ideal. although you need a couple of sessions before you get used to it. Especially if you are accustomed to the rubber made ones.
      I simply feel good on this mat.

      • Hema (verified owner)

        Thank you Brahim.

    8. Coren Aranda (verified owner)

      Love love love the Flamingo yoga mats and blocks ! They came so quickly and love the environmental aspect of the products

      • Hema (verified owner)

        Thank you Coren for supporting our initiative. And so glad you love our products.

    9. Supriya Vijayan (verified owner)

      I purchased the celestial blue mat and am thoroughly loving it. Not only does it look cool ..It provides a very good grip while performing the asanas..totally recommend this product..there are some great colors too!

      • Hema (verified owner)

        Thank you Supriya, so glad you love our mat.

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