Zafu meditation cushion

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Zafu cushions filled with buckwheat hulls for all your meditation and seated postures.  


The term ‘Zafu’ refers to the round meditation cushion and has the origin from the terms ‘Zazen’ which means ‘seated meditation’. The meditation cushions gives a slight elevation to the hips to ensure right posture during meditation or seated postures. Our Zafu cushions are filled with natural buck wheat hulls  which conform to the shape of the body while seated. This makes them ideal and comfortable for sitting longer periods. The buckwheat hulls can be removed to make the height suited to your needs.

Washing and care:

  •  Outer cotton cover: Hand wash and air dry.
  • For machine wash, use gentle cold water cycle with mild detergent. Wash with similar colors. Air dry.
  • Store the cushions in a dry, cool place.


    •  Size: 12″ x 7.5″
    • Material:
      • External Cover: 100% cotton
      • Inner lining with zipper: 100% cotton
      • Filling: Natural Buck wheat Hulls
    • Environmentally friendly, naturally biodegradable.
    • Non Toxic
    • Hypoallergenic 
    • Durable and long lasting

    Why should I use a meditation Cushion? 

    Zafu cushions provide you with stability, comfort and ease in your meditation. 

    • Zafu is made with completely natural materials making it ideal for seated postures and meditation. It brings back that connection to the ground without any artificial barriers in between as you practice yoga.
    • During meditation it is important to be pain free and to sit in a neutral position without too much muscular effort, so as to focus on the meditation itself  and Zafu gives you that ease and comfort. So you can sit without pain in your ankles, knees or hips or back.
    • The buckwheat hulls which form the filling do not retain heat, and also conform to the shape of the body. So in the long run, as you begin to sit for longer periods, it will allow the natural opening of the hips.
    • As we sit for meditation, the knees should remain lower than the hips. This is   hard to achieve for most people due to tightness around the hip area. The Zafu cushion helps to eliminate this problem by raising the seat to a desired height. 
    • When sitting for long periods of time, it  is important to align the spine, without crouching or rounding the back.  Zafu cushions helps in maintaining this posture and alignment. As we sit at the edge of the zafu cushion, the pelvis gently tilts forward, and the knees slope down make it comfortable. 
    • Zafu cushions can be used for both cross legged positions like Sukhasana or with positions like Vajrasana or Veerasana. 
    • If you are taller or have extreme tightness, you might benefit by adding our thick yoga blanket under the zafu cushion for added lift.

    Why Buckwheat hulls?

    • Buckwheat hulls are the outer shells of buckwheat grain. They are naturally antibacterial and resistant to mould;  hence has been a natural choice for filling cushions and pillows for ages. 
    • They do not reflect of retain heat which also makes them ideal to use in all weather conditions.They form an ideal and natural alternative to synthetic, foam or feather fillings.
    • They conform to the shape of the body while giving excellent support.
    • The buck wheat are subjected to heat treatment with neem leaves without any chemicals before filling them into the cushions.

    Olive Zafu cushion from Flamingo yoga E-boutique

    Your questions about the Zafu Cushions Answered

    Zafu cushion can be used for both cross legged and kneeling seated postures. 

    • For cross legged postures: Come to sit slightly in front of the cushion. It is best to start with Sukhasana – Sitting firmly on the cushion, cross your ankles in front of you, letting the hips stay firmly on the cushion as the knees drop gently towards the floor.
    • For kneeling seated postures: For postures like Vajrasana or Veerasana, you can turn the bolster around to the narrow side and sit on it for added support.
    • When you sit on the cushion, ensure that the height of the cushion is comfortable for you.
    • If you are not used to sitting in a meditation cushion, it will take a few sittings to find your own position of comfort. So change your seating position and angle until you find a position that is perfectly comfortable
    • You should not feel any pain in your knees, or spine and it should be very comfortable.
    • The cushions are usually filled to the maximum to cater to every person. If you think you need to reduce the height, you can open the cushion and remove the buckwheat hulls to suit your requirement of height. The inner and outer lining has zippers to facilitate this.The zipper for the outer cover is under the handle. 
    • Alternatively, you can keep a yoga blanket or a rolled towel under the knees in front of the cushion. this will raise the height of the knees as well, thus making it comfortable. 

    The cushion can be stored in a cool dry place away from too much sunlight

    Additional information

    Weight 1.4 kg
    Dimensions 12 × 7.5 in

    Burgundy, Dark Purple, Olive Green, Plum

    3 reviews for Zafu meditation cushion

    1. Dr. Nadia (verified owner)

      I have already 2 one for meditation and one for home as i use it for a back support. Its excellent ?

    2. Galina

      It’s a must for those who meditate on the regular basis. Very comfortable and eco friendly cushion. Like it a lot.

    3. Audrey

      I like it a lot, it is the perfect fit for meditation. I used to sit on a block to keep a straight spine while meditating and with the cushion i feel the same benefits with a more comfortable sensation !

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