Our Mission

 “ To follow the eight limbs of Yoga to empower, inspire and  bring healthy life style changes to individuals which can be positively reflected in their homes, workplace and the community as a whole.”  

About Us

Flamingo Middle East was founded by Hema Laxman in 2014 as a Recruitment and Executive Search consultancy. High stress levels associated with work, high prevalence of life style diseases and lack of exercise in the region prompted Hema to begin the Yoga and Lifestyle division to build awareness about yoga and healthy living.

Flamingo Yoga & Wellness aims to help individuals achieve their full potential, both at home and workplace through yoga and lifestyle changes.

We incorporate mindfulness, meditation, breathing and asana practice to improve awareness of the self, and aim to bring a physical balance between flexibility and strength. Through breathing and meditation techniques, we instill a positive mindset, while calming and releasing stress, which is highly necessary in our present day life style

Story behind our logo

24th of February 2019 saw the announcement of Flamingo Middle East’s  brand new logo. ‘Flamingo’ was initially chosen as the name to highlight the transient nature of people in Dubai, just like the migratory Flamingos of the mangroves here. The new logo, with the spread wings continues to emphasise this transient nature of the people, and life, in general. The shades of pink exude hope and inspiration, a must for the recruitment industry.

 From a yoga and lifestyle perspective, the open wings represent freedom, expansion, positive energy and contentment gained through yoga and healthy lifestyle changes.The bird itself remains an embodiment of balance and strength. The firm strokes of the logo are an affirmation of that strength, while the curves of the strokes represent grace and elegance. This truly represents the balancing nature of yoga – the balance of the sun and moon energy within us. The different shades of pink also represent compassion, spirituality, passion and commitment towards the goal.Throughout this freedom, expansion and vibrancy represented through the colours, it remains grounded with the gaze down, peacefully, in inner reflection.

Meet the Teachers

Hema Laxman, Owner, Yoga Instructor

As a Recruiter, Yoga Instructor and owner of Flamingo Yoga brand, Hema is passionate about both Yoga and the environment. She was drawn to yoga for the serenity and peace it brought her amidst the uncertainties and challenges in life.

Ajit Laxman, Yoga Instructor

Ajit began practicing yoga in 2014. What started as a way to keep fit turned into passion for both the physical aspect as well as spirituality. Outside of Yoga, Ajit has a background in finance and works for an American based corporate in the oil and gas industry as a Finance Director.


First of all, I would like to thank you for being such a great yoga instructor and for being sincere in your teaching. Since I joined your yoga classes, I am feeling connected and blessed mentally and emotionally.

 Dr. Nadia, Emirati 

One of the best yoga classes I ever experienced! Hema is a very professional instructor and wonderful person. She has been my yoga teacher for almost 2 years. Her personal approach and positive attitude make each class very special.

Galyna, Ukranian

Flamingo’s yoga classes have turned this avowed yoga hater into an eager yogi! I’ve been doing the online classes for three months now, and feel a noticeable growth in my flexibility and breath control.

Anjana, Indian

I’m so glad I joined yoga with Hema! Yoga has improved my  flexibility, strength and made me able to run injury-free.  I have learned the proper breathing techniques, which increased my stamina, allowing me to run injury free.

Rosalie, Filipina

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