Flamingo was founded in 2014 as an HR and Recruitment consultancy. High  stress levels associated with work, high prevalence of life style diseases and lack of exercise in the region prompted Hema to begin the Yoga and Lifestyle division of Flamingo to build awareness and introduce yoga and healthy living.

We provide outdoor group classes, focused on building strength, flexibility and endurance through Hatha, Vinyasa and Power yoga. Beginner’s yoga is available throughout the year to support newcomers ease into the sessions. Gentle Hatha, restorative yoga and hour long meditations sessions can also be availed to ensure that the body is restored and rejuvenated.

The classes draw inspiration from teachers like Sri. B.K.S Iyengar and Sri Pattabhi Jois. Strong focus on alignment and breath ensure that the students gain proprioception and inner awareness. You will be progressively introduced to pranayama and meditation techniques to ensure a balanced practice. Existing imbalances are corrected and props are used for safety and deeper understanding of the asanas. It is a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere which  encourages self discovery and improvement.

We provide Corporate Yoga services to businesses which are customised and cater to the company’s needs and budget.  

 Flamingo now supplies all natural yoga products through the online store for UAE market.

The story behind the Logo

24th of February 2019 saw the announcement of Flamingo Middle East’s  brand new logo.

‘Flamingo’ was initially chosen as the name to highlight the transient nature of people in Dubai, just like the migratory Flamingos of the mangroves here.

The new logo, with the spread wings continues to emphasise this transient nature of the people, and life, in general. The shades of pink exude hope and inspiration, a must for the recruitment industry.

 From a yoga and lifestyle perspective, the open wings represent freedom, expansion, positive energy and contentment gained through yoga and healthy lifestyle changes.

The bird itself remains an embodiment of balance and strength. The firm strokes of the logo are an affirmation of that strength, while the curves of the strokes represent grace and elegance. This truly represents the balancing nature of yoga – the balance of the sun and moon energy within us. The different shades of pink also represent compassion, spirituality, passion and commitment towards the goal.

 Throughout this freedom, expansion and vibrancy represented through the colours, it remains grounded with the gaze down, peacefully, in inner reflection.

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