The journey towards 108 Sun Salutations starts with a single asana !!!!

I started yoga practise with Flamingo yoga just  as a “me too” during the Covid Lockdown. Never thought I would continue it for soooo long, This is quite unlike me!!! Now , Having continuously practised it for 3 months, I can safely say, Yoga has gotten into my system – Hema and Ajit ensured that, through their inspirational classes.

Now my free time reading has shifted from Sci- fi thrillers to Articles on Kapha-Pitta-Vata doshas, Pancha Koshas and  meditation etc. I am reading up voraciously on how to correct my asanas and importance of breath control.

All this paradigm shift has happened in a matter of 90 days- the credit for this goes entirely to the two instructors at flamingo. Hema as a teacher is exact, thorough, highly knowledgeable, punctual and fun. She coaxed me continuously to stretch that bit more, twist that bit more and hold a pose that bit more.

Today I completed my first 108 Sun Salutations along with my classmates at Flamingo yoga. Hema has been helping us achieve this feat the past one month. How do I feel after this novel achievement? Exhilarated for sure, and surprised that I was able to complete it!! This has made me realise the power of human mind and the immense strength of our body.

A million thanks to Hema and Ajit for including me in their classes. People of Dubai, I envy you  for, you can attend the F2F classes of Flamingo yoga with its fantabulous instructors. Having attended their classes for 3 continuous months, (and God willing, many more to go), I can vouch for their knowledge, experience and passion to take us into their folds and travel together, for the journey that is Yoga.

Here’s wishing all success to Hema &Ajit. May your path be strewn with many more laurels!!!

Uma Harikumar , Head of Department-Commercial Training,  National college of Automotive Technology

Uma Harikumar

During the past two years I got introduced to a new way of life, Yoga…

It has made considerable change in my life, Thanks to Hema who is a wonderful instructor & who takes care of each of her students very well. She understands the body anatomy of her students and suggests practice accordingly.

 Each  of her yoga sessions are so lovely & mindful which makes me feel present, positive, grateful & organized for the rest of the day.

I am happy to be associated with Flamingo Yoga & would like to continue yoga practice with Hema.

Dhanya Suresh

Strategic Sourcing & Category Manager – Eastern Hemisphere

Weatherford Inc.

Dhanya Suresh

Review for Flamingo Yoga and Wellness

In 2018, I started having lower back issues probably due to various issues like daily stress and bad posture. So, I decided to start yoga with Flamingo.  I initially started with weekend classes and then signed up for the regular weekday sessions.

The experience has been incredible.  I can clearly see improvements in my posture which contributes to overall health and positive energy throughout the day.  Not only that the lower back pain has not resurfaced since, I can feel improved strengthen across my body.

The flow of Hema’s instructions are very smooth, clear & concise.  She clearly understands individual limitations of the students and encourages you to do your best based on your individual requirements.  It is remarkable as to how she uses  her experience and knowledge of yoga to help students increase their strength and flexibility.     

Thanks Hema.  You have been an amazing Guru in my yoga journey

Vidhya Meenakshi

Mother of two beautiful girls, home maker

Vidhya Meenakshi

Flamingo’s yoga classes have turned this avowed yoga hater into an eager yogi! I’ve been doing the online classes for three months now, and feel a noticeable growth in my flexibility and breath control. I have also become much more in tune with my body. Hema is a great instructor – she’s patient, very attentive, and gives detailed directions on exactly how to go about every step of the practice. The classes gently build upon each other, encouraging students to grow but never push beyond our limits. I’m very pleased with my growth and excited to continue my practice with Flamingo Yoga!

Anjana Krishnan

Master’s student, Imperial University London

Anjana Krishnan

The best yoga classes I ever experienced! Hema is a very professional instructor and wonderful person. She has been my yoga teacher for almost 2 years and I hope will remain in future. Her personal approach and positive attitude make each class very special. Also, Hema has vast knowledge in anatomy and therapeutic yoga and can help to fix misalignments in the body. Classes are held in a beautiful park, where you can forget about busy city life. just come and try one class; I’m sure you will keep coming more and more.

Galyna Zhuravel, Creative Artist, Yoga Instructor ,  Freelance Photographer and most importantly,  home maker

Galyna Zhuravel

First of all, I would like to thank you for being such a great yoga instructor and for being sincere in your teaching.Previously, I did join few yoga classes in Dubai and India, but did not learn what the real meaning of yoga is like I am learning and enjoying now since I joined your classes. Like so many people, I used to think of yoga as an exercise for stretching or as an exercise for certain type of people who have flexible body to do yoga, and that yoga is not for everyone.

Since I joined your yoga classes, and I am feeling connected and blessed mentally and emotionally. To me yoga is psychology, it works with mind and emotion, and how our thoughts and emotions affect our body and behavior. Breathing in yoga and meditation helps release stress, anxiety and it helps with depression as well.  Also, physically since I started yoga classes, I experience less pain in my upper and lower back. I know I have a long way ahead till I learn each movement correctly, but for the time being, I am enjoying every single moment during the sessions in your yoga classes that are full of positive energy and vibes.   Thank you again Hema for all the teaching.

Dr. Nadia Buhannad, Psychology & Education Consultant

Founder & CEO, Dr. Nadia Buhannad Development & Guidance

Nadia Buhannad

My journey with Hema started during one of my morning walks at Al Barsha Pond Park  two years ago. I stopped to watch and before I knew, I was given a mat (her husband, Ajit ran to his car and brought one for me) and I have never looked back and gone anywhere since. The free classes for all on Fridays and Saturdays are their best testimony of their alignment to giving back so selflessly to the universe. Her warmth and genuine approach to all of us is remarkable. She is perhaps the only person in the world who can make me do things and successfully so without me putting up the famous Taurean Resistance. I love you Hema and am indebted to you. 🙏


Preethi Khanna,  

Business Director, 

MYCON Marketing Management LLC

Preethi Khanna

Yoga has transformed me.. from the way I think to the way I live. Million thanks to Hema, who is extremely patient, dedicated and a wonderful teacher. More power to you.  Thanks for being awesome.

 Ankitha Rajendran,

Marketing Manager, RMAL  Hospitality

Ankitha Rajendran

Doing 108 sun salutations was a wonderful way to start  the day! I feel refreshed and energised !

The class was great, the pace was super comfortable, and the breaks were perfectly placed !! I’m looking forward to International Yoga Day next year already 😅

Dr. Anagha Harikumar, Intern 

Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

Anagha Harikumar

 A year ago I was suffering with Rhinitis Allergy and nasal inflammation due to allergens that caused my immune system to react. I had  excessive sneezing, continuous runny nose and watery eyes.

Then I  joined yoga and practiced breathing and meditation. With every practice I noticed that the infection gradually disappeared and soon it was all gone. I am now able to breathe calmly and have lighter feeling in my chest. 

Thank you Hema and Ajit for accepting me in the group. Continue to spread the benefits of Yoga and may God bless you and your family abundantly. 

As for me, I promise to carry on and develop my Yoga practice until I am old and grey.  We only have one body, we should love and take care of it! 

Carie, Philippines


“Initially I was sceptical about attending yoga, I had attended a yoga session in the past and found it too slow and didn’t feel much benefit or desire to attend again. But that has all changed since attending yoga with Hema. 

I have seen many health benefits. After having 3 kids (2 C-sections) my core stability, abdominals and posture had suffered. Yoga has helped me regain postural awareness, gain flexibility and strength throughout. 

In a busy built up city like Dubai, morning yoga sessions in the fresh air and greenery of the park alongside the mindfulness from yoga help me appreciate the blessings God has bestowed on us all.”

 Sabeeha, UK 


“Being a long-distance runner, I train and run a lot. I once had a shin splint injury because of it. It used to hurt so bad that I had to be cautious not to exert too much pressure whenever I ran. My physio advised me to do a proper stretching before and after every run that I will do to avoid having that injury again. 

One day, my boss introduced me to Hema, and when she invited me to join her yoga session, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!

Yoga has helped me improve my flexibility, increased my strength and made me able to run injury-free. Moreover, through yoga, I have learned the proper breathing techniques, which increased my stamina, allowing me to run the longer distance, breathing calmly and relaxed.”

Rosalie, Philippines


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