The best yoga classes I ever experienced! Hema is a very professional instructor and wonderful person. She has been my yoga teacher for almost 2 years and I hope will remain in future. Her personal approach and positive attitude make each class very special. Also, Hema has vast knowledge in anatomy and therapeutic yoga and can help to fix misalignments in the body. Classes are held in a beautiful park, where you can forget about busy city life. just come and try one class; I’m sure you will keep coming more and more.

Galyna Zhuravel, Creative Artist, Yoga Instructor ,  Freelance Photographer and most importantly,  home maker

Galyna Zhuravel

Yoga has transformed me.. from the way I think to the way I live. Million thanks to Hema, who is extremely patient, dedicated and a wonderful teacher. More power to you. Thanks for being awesome!

 Ankitha Rajendran,

Marketing Manager, RMAL  Hospitality

Ankitha Rajendran

First of all, I would like to thank you for being such a great yoga instructor and for being sincere in your teaching.Previously, I did join few yoga classes in Dubai and India, but did not learn what the real meaning of yoga is like I am learning and enjoying now since I joined your classes. Like so many people, I used to think of yoga as an exercise for stretching or as an exercise for certain type of people who have flexible body to do yoga, and that yoga is not for everyone.

Since I joined your yoga classes, and I am feeling connected and blessed mentally and emotionally. To me yoga is psychology, it works with mind and emotion, and how our thoughts and emotions affect our body and behavior. Breathing in yoga and meditation helps release stress, anxiety and it helps with depression as well.  Also, physically since I started yoga classes, I experience less pain in my upper and lower back. I know I have a long way ahead till I learn each movement correctly, but for the time being, I am enjoying every single moment during the sessions in your yoga classes that are full of positive energy and vibes.   Thank you again Hema for all the teaching.

Dr. Nadia Buhannad, Psychology & Education Consultant

Founder & CEO, Dr. Nadia Buhannad Development & Guidance

Nadia Buhannad

My journey with Hema started during one of my morning walks at Al Barsha Pond Park  two years ago. I stopped to watch and before I knew, I was given a mat (her husband, Ajit ran to his car and brought one for me) and I have never looked back and gone anywhere since. The free classes for all on Fridays and Saturdays are their best testimony of their alignment to giving back so selflessly to the universe. Her warmth and genuine approach to all of us is remarkable. She is perhaps the only person in the world who can make me do things and successfully so without me putting up the famous Taurean Resistance. I love you Hema and am indebted to you. 🙏


Preethi Khanna,  

Business Director, 

MYCON Marketing Management LLC

Preethi Khanna


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