Group of people performing cobra pose.
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Bhujangasan is one of the most widely used yogic back bends.  Like any other posture or physical exercise, Bhujangasana can cause lower back problems when done incorrectly. We had done a comprehensive write up on Cobra pose earlier this year. You can find it here.


Below are four of the most common misalignments seen during yoga practice:

  • Shoulders scrunching and lifting towards the ears:  Consicously make an effort to push the shoulders away from the ears and keep the collar bones wide.
  • Sickling of the feet: You will see the toes turning inward towards each other a lot in this pose. Consciously try to point the toes towards the back of the mat.
  • Trying to get all the bend from the lower back and neck: which can cause compression in the lower back. Remember that lower spine and neck are naturally more flexible.  Focus on the mid and upper back, and try to elongate forward before going up. Work towards an even bend in the whole spine,  keeping the neck in line with the spine.
  • Using arm strength to lift the body up. This is a back strengthening exercise. Hence , rather than trying to lift up with the arm strength, use your back muscles  to lift up and let the elbows be bent. Once your flexibility increases you can straighten the arms slowly.


Focusing on these little corrections can help progress your back bends and improve the strength and flexibilty

Written By:

Hema Laxman

RYT 200,  Owner Flamingo Yoga & Wellness


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